If you’re an entrepreneur in 2018, then you have probably come across the term “social selling” more than once. Social selling is basically the art of making use of different social networks to locate, connect, decipher and nurture present and future sales prospect. In the lay man’s term, it is just the modern way of developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with potential customers to ensure they keep your brand in mind when they need a related service. 

With the advance of various social media platforms, social selling has become a necessary tool used by a large number of entrepreneurs to showcase their brands and increase their clientele. In this post, we will shed light on social selling on LinkedIn and how entrepreneurs can get involved in the trend.

Why social selling?

According to Forbes, about 79% of entrepreneurs who make use of social media for sales outperform those who don’t. Also, Kissmetrics states that brands who actively use social selling as a sales strategy have encountered a 10%-20%-win rate over those who don’t. These stats just highlight the reason why the knowledge of social selling is important to any entrepreneur who wants to dominate in his/her niche.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used social media platforms by entrepreneurs all over the world and it has more or less become the most effective channel for social selling as it connects a lot of brands and potential clients together in a very professional and targeted manner. LinkedIn helps entrepreneurs build a professional brand by focusing on strong prospects, engaging with insights and building strong and trusted relationships with their clients; all of which are necessary tools for successful social selling. 

Here’s our Brilliant social selling strategy for LinkedIn

To effectively tap into the social selling market on LinkedIn, you need to follow a recipe to get the best results. Based on my expertise and extensive research of course, I have devised a 4-step recipe that will help you get in on this trend and succeed through it.

Take the time to Optimize your profile

The importance of a fully optimized LinkedIn profile cannot be overstressed as it is one of the major factors prospective clients base their judgement of your brand on. So, it’s time to discard the old CV-style profile and begin to work on optimizing your profile to let your clients know that you are truly an expert in your niche and not just a salesperson.  This might be achieved by creating more value in form of content, images, engaging in discussions and offering solutions to problems etc. and be sure to sound less promotional as it is a turn off for potential clients. 

Identify your most active prospective clients

LinkedIn has filters in place that helps you find and connect to active potential clients. if you realize that most of the connection requests you send are ignored, then maybe you’re focusing on users that are not very active. Make use of the filters and talk to the audience that is listening.

Have real and authentic communication

Although LinkedIn is a highly professional network, it always helps to remember that you are communicating with other humans and not robots. When you meet potential clients in real life, you don’t just throw your business card or flyer on them right? instead, you take the time to ask about their day and build a relationship first. This is the same way you should communicate with your potential clients online instead of just promoting your brand immediately you “meet” them. 

Although LinkedIn might seem a bit time consuming, it has proven to be highly useful for entrepreneurs over the years especially with the new updates in place. By making the most of the platform and with the tips discussed in this post, you will solidify your brand in your niche and begin to experience an organic flow of sales. Remember to put the client’s value at the top of your priority list, offer solutions, establish trust and the art of social selling will become incredibly natural to you and your brand. Good Luck!